Birthday Compatibility (zodiac)

Around the 27th, you will begin to perceive the obligation to change your relationships so that they continue to satisfy you.

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In a Relationship Uranus could shake you up and invite you to review your relationships. You will try to spice them up by proposing to break with paralyzing habits and try together something else!

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At the end of the month, you will know how to evolve your story together. Single in March, you will benefit from the support of Venus, which will make you want to try your luck. Uranus increases your thirst for living the relationship more freely, without necessarily introducing a notion of dependence.

This transit will revolutionize your way of seeing and experiencing your love stories! You have to solve family problems, take care of a parent, or manage the stewardship. Count on Venus to offer you some amorous playtime that will distract you from your obligations with charm. The opportunity to shine or rekindle the flame?

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You want to improve your life and bring peace to the home. You should succeed even in spite of some complex situations until the 28th! In a Relationship you will mobilize with the priority to change a sensitive family situation! Aware of your responsibilities, you should win the game and make everyone agree. Your charm increases your popularity! Single you take care of the safety of your loved ones, you manage the stewardship so that everyone finds their account. A month when the family wants you, unless a move prevents you from devoting yourself to your loves! You have trouble communicating, the situation may last until the end of the month and problems of stewardship could pollute your daily life.

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You will be full of goodwill but will have to avoid the misunderstandings that might arise if you think you are right about everything. Venus favors you: you pass your messages smoothly or meet interesting people by avoiding being too directive! In a Relationship you feel the need to transform your family life to fit your needs.

Try to do it politely and gently for the necessary changes to happen If you try to impose your choices, expect to block communication and compromise your chances of unlocking things. Single Venus invites you to have a good time but she does not have the power to extract you from a rather demanding climate. You are concerned about family changes to satisfy and your quest for authenticity! But do not believe yourself the sole holder of the truth, do not generate tensions! Enjoy its magnetic presence in the area devoted to love to lighten the mood and give you some delicious breaks!

On the eleventh, the Gemini full moon suggests a need for perspective. Communication is highlighted. It would be best to take the high road in a disagreement. You could be dealing with legal or immigration matters, higher education, traveling, relocating, exploring job offers overseas, signing contracts, or publishing a book. However this manifests, what matters is that you realize you have options.

Embody your lessons and you can make wise choices that take you toward a greater goal of freedom and security. On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn, shining a light on a domestic situation. Still, this can also be a difficult time for many who are nostalgic for a past gone by.

Over the past year, there has been a breakdown of the structures that once supported you. This is a chance to clear and release the past and any emotional baggage so you can rebuild on solid foundations. Even if it feels like touching rock bottom in some cases, dig deep. There are treasures beneath your feet and discoveries to be made.

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The Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth offer a clean slate and a profound new beginning. Expect an expansion on the home and family front. You can draw upon the inner courage to address an issue or face the elephant in the room.

With Mercury retrograde from the , it may not be the best month for brand new projects, but you can be determined to rebuild or rework things to your benefit. Back to Monthly Horoscopes Main. Until March 20th: The Sun continues to spotlight your solar sixth house.

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This is a busy period that finds you tending to many different details of your daily existence--your work, various projects, organization around the home and office, your daily routines, and health matters. Your ego may be especially tied up in the work you do, so that you are proud and more creative than usual in your job.

You may be in the position to take charge in your work, or to take charge of your health and diet. Sometimes this cycle relates to increased activities involving pets. You seek to perfect your skills or methods now, and you focus on the parts that make up the whole now in order to improve your daily life.

As a result, you can be more critical than usual, but this process is necessary for you to sort out what works for you and what doesn't. From March 20th forward: The Sun illuminates your seventh house. At this time of year, you have a greater need than usual to be with a partner. Bouncing ideas off someone helps you to better understand yourself. A partner provides a mirror for your own self-discovery.

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Now is the time to realize your own potential through a significant other. During this cycle, you focus on balancing your personal interests and objectives with your social life, or with those of a partner. The emphasis is on "us" rather than "me". You need the energies, companionship, and support of other people, and they may also seek out your support and companionship.

It's important to include others rather than to go solo for the time being. However, bending too much to the will of another is not advised either. Social interactions of a personal, one-on-one kind are emphasized. Circumstances are such that your diplomacy skills are required.

Your popularity is increasing, and is reinforced by your own ability to cooperate and harmonize. Your ego and pride are tied up in how you relate to others now. This may be an especially busy time for people who consult or work with clients one-on-one. From March Venus continues to transit your solar fourth house now.

Domestic relationships and the home environment tend to be especially harmonious and peaceful during this cycle. You may have a desire to decorate your home with better quality items or more attention to aesthetics.

An inner sense of peace and security tends to dominate now, or the desire for peace motivates you now. Your affections are strong but you don't wear your heart on your sleeve just now, preferring quiet moments with loved ones. From March 27th forward: Venus warms your solar fifth house. This is an expressive period for the goddess of love! It's natural for you to turn on the charm without even lifting a finger. You are especially attracted to aesthetic forms of recreation.

You feel a little more playful now, and love matters tend to be laced with a touch of drama. That shouldn't be a problem--in fact, you kind of like it that way for the time being. More loving and appreciative relationships with your children may also figure now. Your powers of attraction skyrocket during this cycle.

Yet, you are not aggressive in your approach to love. Instead, you attract more if you allow yourself to be pursued during this cycle. Creative self-expression of any kind is favored at this time.