We all live in an era of information. In this era television, internet and Mobile are playing crucia Bhattotpalla, the famous commentator on the works of Varaha Mihira has indicated that the prime role Planets and cosmic energies have an effect on human beings and different aspects of human life.

The Fourth House shows your home and how you tend to act there. It also shows relationship with the Ashashtyamsha chart is an important component of the sixteen vargas or divisional charts mentioned o Jan A worthy human life consists of fulfillment of desires which primarily concentrate around all worldl The Shastra dictates that a competent astrologer is essentially supposed to know how to calculate th Oct In the classics, there are certain specific canons of astrology which help us to determine whether t In this Instant Predictions Special Issue of Research Journal you shall find research oriented articles on significance of gullikka, instant predictions, psychology problems and the role of 4th house, how effective is ashtakoot milan, vastu for energising a house, astronomical foundation of a horoscope etc.

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Please wait page is loading No Thanks Get this offer. Get Offer. Home Astrology Significance of Gulika. Articles in this Issue Related Articles Views : Gulika also called as Maandi, holds a position of prime importance in the evaluation of a natal chart.

Like Rahu and Ketu, having no physical existence it always makes a difference in the natal chart output. By nature it surpasses all natural or functional malefics. Gulika or Maandi In Vedic astrology, Gulika or Maandi are considered synonymous although some people consider them as different entity differentiate between them. Gulika denotes a certain segment of time ruled by Saturn. The word 'Maandi' is derived from Manda, another name of Saturn.

The duration of the day or of the night as the case may be is divided into eight parts. The segment belonging to Saturn is known as Gulika. For daytime, the first segment belongs to the planetary lord of the weekday on which Gulika is to be determined. The next segment belongs to the planetary lord of the subsequent weekday and so on till the seventh segment belongs to the planetary lord of the weekday that falls fifth from the weekday under consideration.

The subsequent segments belong similarly to other planets that rule the weekdays in natural order. The eighth part here too is without a lord. In each case the part belonging to Saturn is called as Gulika. The Controversy Some people opine that the cusp for the ending moment of Saturn's part is the Gulika Sphut. However, this concept results in an erroneous understanding of the following shloka from the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. From this the chart must be analysed.

Gulika, Recognize your Misfortune & Master your Karma, Vedic astrology – The Cinnamon Stars

Results of Gulika Gulika in the first house most certainly reduces the good results of the chart. The impact is maximum in terms of malevolence when the cusp of the lagna and the Gulika are close in degrees. This means that birth taking place at the commencement of the Gulika -Kaala suffers the maximum affiction. In such a situation, the Raja-yogas or other benefic yogas lose their potence.

The phaladeepika states. Nakshatras 1,10 and 19 from each other are mutually trinal. Gulika spoils the benefic significations of most of the houses by occupying them. Thus, all troubles ensue when Gulika occupies the lagna. In the second house, it curtails family comforts and financial savings. Poor social status results when Gulika occupies the fourth house. In the fifth, it leads to troubles from progeny And so on. In the tenth house, however, it indicates delay in getting established in a career. Gulika with natural Karakas The association of Gulika with a natural Karaka always destroys the good effects of that Karaka.

Classics hold the opinion that Gulika conjunct with the Sun creates lack of comforts for father, with the Moon it is bad for mother, and with Mars it is adverse for brother. With Jupiter, the native becomes a hypocrite. Gulika with Venus brings troubles from women and ruins marital life. Association with Saturn leads to disease and skin disorder, with Rahu it leads to proneness to infection, and with Ketu fear from fire.

Gulika can alter the results of other planetary yogas in the chart. All good yogas are lost when the birth time and the gulika-kaala coincide together with another inauspicious factor like Mahapaata, Gandanta, Visha-Ghati, etc. This point must be taken into consideration when the lethal potential of a planet is to be determined.

Gulika Kalam | Kuligai Kalam | Kuligai Time

This is better known as the Pramaana Gulika in Vedic astrology. The dispositor of Gulika or Pramaana Gulika may prove fatal during its dasha, etc. This is according to the prashna Marrga, which states. It is used in the judgement of longevity, along with dasha and transit. In Chara movable signs, they lead to good health and long life. Such a native is disease prone and accident prone.

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Meaning of Gulika. In Local:. Person with name Gulika are mainly Hindu by religion.

Similar sounding names: Gluke. Show more information for this name. Find compatibility of name Gulika with different names. Quality of. Kumbh Aquarius. Saturn Shani. A pearl. Also see Compatibility Calc's. International Surnames. Surname by Language.